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  • The 2016 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) held January 17-20 in San Diego, California provided the setting for the 6th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environments Arcade and Showcase. The Arcade and Showcase featured exhibits from veterans of educational simulation technology as well as from a variety of newcomers using virtual environments and games to support clinical education. Participation in the Arcade and Showcase provided both thought leaders and attendees with an opportunity to interact and collaborate with one another. In addition, entries were judged based on innovation, implementation of technology, game elements, the vision for how the game/virtual environment can impact education in the health professions, and the presentation of the idea at the showcase. Based on these criteria, the following entries were singled out from the crowded field of excellent presentations for special recognition by a panel of judges:

    Faculty Division
    Winner: Decontamination Training Delivered Using Virtual Reality – Sharon Farra1, Eric Hodgson2, and Sherrill Smith1
    (1Wright State University, Dayton, OH United States; 2Miami University, Oxford, OH United States)
    Runner-up: Virtual Gaming Pediatric Clinical Simulation – Margaret Verkuyl1, Lynda Atack1, Paula Mastrilli2, and Daria Romaniuk3
    (1Centennial College, Scarborouth, Canada; 2George Brown College, Toronto, ON Canada; 3Ryerson University, Toronto, ON Canada)

    Small/Emerging Company Division
    Winner: Brush Up – Dov Jacobson1
    (1Games That Work, Atlanta, GA United States)
    Runner-up: Body Interact – The Virtual Training Hospital – Pedro Miguel Pinto1
    (1Take The Wind, Lda, Coimbra, Portugal)

    Large Company/High Resource Organization Division
    Winner: MReal: The Beating Heart Experience – Eric Bauman1, Reid Adams2, Brian Pelletier3, Greg Vaughan3, Sarah Aken3, Mike Beall3, Jason Williams4, Michael Carney4, and David Pederson5
    (1Institute for Research & Clinical Strategy, Middleton, WI United States; 2Learning Games Network, Madison, WI United States; 3DeVry Medical International’s Institute for Research & Clinical Strategy, Sarnia, ON Canada; 4DeVry Education Group, Downers Grove, IL United States; 5St. Kitts; 6DeVry Education Group, Boise, IDUnited States; 7DeVry Medical International, United States)
    Runner-up: VHA Employee Education System/SimLEARN Serious Educational Gaming Products Code Cart Game – Aurelio Maldonado1 and Leslie Dubow1
    (1VHA Employee Education System, Orlando, FL United States)
    5 years ago
  • Viewers will be interested in an article about the first group of students to graduate from Rush University Medical School in Chicago, USA who have used the i-Human virtual patient tool throughout their training. The original article appeared on the website. Here is a short URL that will take you to the full the article:

    I am also working on a report on the integration of virtual patients in the medical school curriculum and would be very interested in hearing from anyone in the SIG who would like to share how their institution is using them. Post here or write to me at "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.".
    6 years ago
  • Gerald R. Stapleton created a new topic ' USC's Virtual Human Toolkit' in the forum.
    Just a quick note for those of you who are interested in virtual patients. The University of Southern California's Institute for Creative Technologies is making their Virtual Human Toolkit available to academic researchers. The toolkit has a number of components that would seem to be useful for medical education purposes and can be mashed up with 3rd party software offering great potential.


    To learn more, go to "".
    7 years ago
  • Scene from a learning space in The Health Grid, an OpenSim based virtual environment for health care educators (
    This album contains screen captures from various learning environments developed by the DME Office for Instructional Resources and Online Learning
    7 years ago
  • Danilo Curci shared a photo in Danilo Curci's Photos album
    ArteMente, Caffè Freud, in Second Life…
    7 years ago
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  • Super User shared a video
    Student Recruitment Video
    Second Life Standardized Patient Motivational Interviewing Skills M4 Recruitment Video
    7 years ago
  • Super User shared a video
    Game-based learning for Virtual Patients in Second Life
    The Faculty of Medicine at Imperial College London has developed a region in Second Life that aims to design game-based learning activities for...
    7 years ago
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